With this one small habit, children’s brain becomes sharp, bones and muscles also become strong.

increase in red blood cells, which is important for better immunity.

Strong muscles :

When children walk barefoot, their leg muscles become strong. Walking barefoot also makes the correct posture of the body. At the time of birth, children’s feet are fragile and during development the bones and joints become strong.

Walking barefoot gives children a chance to grow muscles. Apart from this, by coming in direct contact with the ground, the brain gets information through nerve endings. This helps them understand how to strike a balance. Wearing slippers makes it difficult for children’s brain to get information to make balance.

Improve sensory motor development

We all have seen our little ones exploring things with their feet and hands. There are about 200,000 nerve endings in the sole of the foot. Before standing and walking, your toes and feet feel the texture of the sofa, carpet, etc. Keeping baby bare feet allows them to continue with sensory motor development.

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